Jimin (BTS) is drawing attention by adorning the exclusive covers of 5 magazines.

Recently, 'Elle Hong Kong' (ELLE HK) reported the news of Jimin's pictorial release and interview, who became the cover artist for the March issue, through the official website and SNS. Jimin showed off his mastery of the pictorial by capturing attention with a free yet beautiful pose through a pictorial in which he perfectly dressed in the outfit of the luxury brand 'Dior', which is active as a global ambassador.

In particular, the melancholy eyes and luxurious luxury visuals create a dreamy atmosphere, and in harmony with the vintage lapping car with floral patterns, Jimin's original mysterious charm is doubled.

In addition, Jimin decorated the cover of the March issue of the men's fashion magazine 'L'officiel Hommes' in Malaysia. The media introduced, "BTS Jimin, who is famous for his heavenly appearance, graceful dance moves, angelic vocals, and lively personality, is a name that does not need to be introduced any more."

“Jimin communicates through movement on stage, which instantly changes from fast and light to incredibly powerful. And he only exudes inimitable charm in front of the camera.”

Following the previously released 'WKorea', 'Esquire Taiwan', Indonesia's largest men's magazine 'DAMAN', 'Elle Hong Kong' and 'L'Officiel Homme', a total of 5 magazines in 5 countries He released 10 solo covers.
ParkJun Ha