“It is an honor and a different feeling to see my music play in your favorite movie. I put a lot of thought into choosing the song that best matches the movie. From my first official solo album 《Indigo》, I chose <Closer (with Paul Blanco, Mahalia)> (hereinafter referred to as <Closer>), a song about a man and a woman meeting. , An acoustic term meaning low sound quality and a music genre that gained popular popularity from the late 1980s to the early 1990s) was arranged to match the edited video as best as possible.

Through 《Indigo》, the work of artist Hyung-geun Yun, whom I admire, was placed on the cover photo, and the album opened with <Yun (with Erykah Badu)>, which contains artist Yun's narration. P-Dog, Honne, Lee Ian, Eun Hee-young, DOCSKIM, etc. participated as producers, Cherry Filter's vocalist Jo Yu-jin, Erika Badu, Anderson Pack, Epik High's Tablo, singer-songwriter Kim Sa-wol, British singer-songwriter Mahalia, R&B hip-hop musician Collaborating with numerous musicians such as Paul Blanco, singer-songwriter Cold, and singer-songwriter Park Ji-yoon, 《Indigo》 was a meaningful challenge for me in many ways. <Decision to Break Up> allows me to collaborate with my favorite movies through music, so I think Indigo will be my first official solo album that will be deeply engraved in my heart.”

ParkJun Ha