NCT Yuta was chosen as the main character in the Japanese drama 'Cool and Stupid Man'.

Yuta has been cast in the role of Ichikura Hayate, the male lead in the new drama “Cool and Stupid Man” (Kurdji 男子) on the Japanese TV Tokyo channel.

Based on the popular Japanese animation of the same name, 'Cool and Stupid Man' is a drama about four men who are entangled through fateful encounters. It draws and gives a warm impression.

In the play, Yuta's handsome college student 'Ichikura Hayate' is a person who is dissatisfied with his character and repeats stupid actions. , It is expected to attract local viewers by showing a variety of aspects.

Yuta is active globally through group NCT activities, and announced her acting debut with the movie 'HiGH&LOW THE WORSTX' (High & Low The Worst Cross) released in Japan last year. collect

ParkJun Ha