Newjeans/Minji, Hanni, Daniel, Harin, Hye -in) won the three crowns of the 20th Korean Popular Music Awards.

The Korea Popular Music Awards Selection Committee (Chairman Kim Chang -nam, Professor of Anglican Kim Chang -nam) released a total of 26 winners through the official YouTube channel.

New Jeans enjoyed the joy of being considered a rookie of the year. In addition, he also selected the best K -pop albums (debut album 'NEW JEANS') and 'Best K -Pop Song'.

Lee Jae -eun, a member of the Korean Popular Music Awards, said, “It is hard to call 2022 as New Jeans. Since the day when the music video was released without any prior information, the footprints they left in the popular music world have a great meaning in many ways. ”

“The K -pop industry was only ventilated with the emergence of New Jins in the content that was filled with no tightness, sometimes spent and tired,” he said. "I caught the eyes and ears of many people with good music, content and visuals."

New Jins, which debuted in July last year, is the title song of the same album 'OMG' following the debut album 'NEW JEANS', which featured the triple title song 'Attension', 'Hype Boy' and 'Cookie'. OMG 'is in the long -term power of major domestic music charts until' OMG '.

The group's popular gusts are spreading beyond Korea to the world. Even though there is no overseas activity yet, it has been attracting attention by posting two songs (DITO, OMG) on the US Billboard Main Single Chart 'Hot 100' after six months of debut.

The Korean Popular Music Award was awarded the records and music sources, which were released from December 1, 2021 to November 30, 2022.
ParkJun Ha