Group Stray Kids will come back in April.

As a result of the report on the 6th, Stray Kids confirmed the comeback next month and is accelerating the preparation for the new album. Recently, Stray Kids has finished shooting a new music video.

Stray Kids' comeback is only six months after the mini album 'Maxidant' released in October last year. At the time, Stray Kids set a record of 'Triple Million Sellers' by surpassing 3 million cumulative sales of the circle chart within a month of 'Maxillant'.

Stray Kids, who achieved two consecutive millians following his previous work, 'Evils', proved its global growth in the US Billboard Main Chart 'Billboard 200' to the top two consecutive.

Thanks to this popularity, Stray Kids successfully completed the second World Tour Japan Angkor performance last month, and will decorate the second World Tour through the Philippines and US Angkor performances. In particular, Stray Kids' performance is the second time in the K -Pop Boy Group's history, which is even more meaningful in that it is a North American stadium performance.

Stray Kids, who has been breathtaking in the domestic and international music market, has a breathtaking move, and global fans are expected to see what 'career highs' will be achieved through this comeback.
ParkJun Ha