The group 'ENHYPEN' releases a new album in 10 months.

On the 24th, according to the agency beliflab, ENHYPEN will release the 4th mini album 'DARK BLOOD' on May 22nd. This is the first time since the third mini-album 'MANIFESTO: DAY 1' in July of last year. However, in October of last year, he released his first full-length Japanese album, 'Sadame', and worked locally.

Enhyphen has shown a strong worldview so far. Through the 'BORDER', 'DIMENSION', and 'MANIFESTO' series, they sang about the process of gradually realizing their role in the complex emotions they faced while connecting to a new world.

Belief Lab introduced, "It is the story of the real 'me' living life according to one's own will, telling the same generation the story of declaring, 'We will move forward first, so let's go together'."

In this album, which first released a logo teaser that heightened tension in a grand atmosphere with passionate string melodies, it seems that a more serious story will be told.

Pre-orders for 'Dark Blood' start today.

ParkJun Ha