Group Seventeen's new mini-album <FML> sold nearly 4 million copies on the first day of release, setting a new record for K-pop singers.
According to the Hanteo Chart, the album sales tally website on the 25th, Seventeen's <FML>, which was released the day before, sold 3,998,300 copies in one day. This is a figure that surpasses not only the record for K-pop single-day sales, but also the record for the first week of sales (album sales within a week after release).
Previously, the first place in Initial Chodong was 3,378,600 copies recorded by the group BTS with <Map of the Soul: 7> in February 2020. With this, Hive has set a record of sweeping all the top 5 spots, from Seventeen in the first place in the Initial Chodong, BTS in the 2nd to 4th, and TOMORROW X TOGETHER in the 5th. Seventeen is under Pledis Entertainment, a label under Hive.
The final Initial Chodong record of <FML> is expected to easily exceed 4 million copies. The pre-order for this album is 4.64 million copies. Seventeen also has a solid global fandom, so it is expected that they will achieve good results on the Billboard charts.
<FML> is an album that contains the message of positivity and support to fight and overcome even in bad situations without being buried in negative thoughts. It contains 6 songs including the double title song ‘Son Wukong’ and ‘Fuck My Life’. The double title song is currently in the top 10 of major music charts.

ParkJun Ha