Jisung, a member of the group NCT, decorated the 9th issue of Y Magazine.

Y Magazine released a pictorial with Ji Sung on the 2nd. Jisung perfectly digested various styles along with his professional appearance, and in the interview, he conveyed his expectations for 2023 and his aspirations for the future.

He caught the eye by exuding a new charm, such as a mature and chic atmosphere that is quite different from his usual youthful appearance, and a dreamy yet soft charisma. From an oversized all-black look emphasizing a strong atmosphere, to a slick knit that reveals the silhouette of the body, to a casual mood denim set-up, he perfectly digested a variety of styles.

Then, in a close-up cut, Ji Sung showed off his unrivaled aura with clear features and unique deep and atmospheric eyes. In an interview to be released together, he said, "In 2023, I want to spread my influence to more people in more places."

More pictorial images and interviews of NCT Jisung, who emphasized his more mature appearance, can be found in the 9th issue of Y Magazine, published on March 6th. In addition, it can be checked through various social channels such as Y Magazine's official website, SNS, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

In addition, Y Magazine's planned video 'TMI Interview', which shows Ji Sung's taste and sensibility, 'Y Contact', Y Magazine's only content, and behind-the-scenes video of the pictorial will be released sequentially through Y Magazine's SNS channel in March.

ParkJun Ha