NewJeans' debut song 'Cookie' has surpassed 100 million cumulative plays on Spotify, the world's largest music platform.

According to Spotify, 'Cookie', the triple title song of New Jeans (Minji, Hani, Daniel, Harin, Hyein)'s debut album 'New Jeans', has been played 105,320,023 times as of the last 2 days. done.

It is the 5th 100 million streaming song in New Jeans' career. Previously, New Jeans had debuted songs 'Hype boy' and 'Attention', followed by 'Ditto', a song from the single album 'OMG', and the title song 'OMG' of the same name, reaching 100 million streams. have posted

The songs of New Jeans, which are equally loved regardless of new songs and previous works, are also popular on the charts for a long time.

On the latest chart released by Spotify on the 3rd (local time) (as of March 2nd), 'OMG' ranked 20th in the global 'Weekly Top Song' and succeeded in charting for 9 consecutive weeks. 'OMG', which first entered the chart at number 95 (as of January 5), has been cruising the chart without any major changes since steadily raising the rankings.

ParkJun Ha