Group Stray Kids successfully completed their world tour.

On the 31st of last month and on the 2nd (local time), Stray Kids successfully completed the encore performance of their second world tour “Maniac” at the Bank of California Stadium (BMO Stadium) in Los Angeles, USA.

This concert, which attracted attention as Stray Kids' first stadium concert in North America, was originally scheduled for one episode, but sold out immediately after the ticket was opened, adding one more concert, which also sold out.

After finishing the opening stages with “Maniac,” “Spider’s Web,” and “Obsession (Bang Chan, Hyunjin),” which topped the US Billboard main chart “Billboard 200,” the members said, “Stray Kids came to the Bank of California Stadium on their second world tour. Today, the last day of the world tour, will probably be one of the coolest performances.”

Since then, the stadium has been heated up with various charms, including representative songs such as 'Easy', 'All in (Korean Ver.)', 'Sorikkun', and 'God's Menu', as well as an impromptu solo live stage tailored to the band's ensemble.

At the end of the concert, ‘Stay’ (fandom name) prepared a video called ‘Staflix’ containing what they wanted to say to the members, and the members were moved with tears in their eyes at the unexpected surprise gift.

I.N said, “I am very happy to finish the tour in such a wonderful stadium and I think it will remain in my memory for a long time. I have a dream that many people would like to think, ‘Skiz performances are really fun, so I have to come again’, ‘Skiz performances are worthwhile’,” he said.

Changbin also said, “I will treasure every moment. I think this tour will be a great motivation and inspiration for Stray Kids and our music. We also hope that it will be a great strength in your life.”

Stray Kids kicked off their second world tour by holding a concert in Seoul for three days from April 29th to May 1st of last year. Since then, they have met fans all over the world by leading 42 concerts in 18 cities in North America, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, and again in Los Angeles, USA. In the process, they achieved the achievement of entering the KSPO DOME, Japan Dome, and North American stadiums.

ParkJun Ha