Melon daily chart 74 times 1st place, weekly chart 10 weeks 1st place. It is a result achieved with only one song. It is also a rookie group that debuted less than a year ago. That team is New Jeans, and the song that wrote this record is 'Ditto'.

It's been a little over three months since New Jeans released 'Ditto' (December 19th). However, as of the morning of March 4, including the first place on Melon's daily chart on March 3, the song is maintaining its top spot on the real-time charts of all music sites such as Melon, Genie, Flo, Vibe, and Bugs. 2 on YouTube Music. It's not a song that received attention belatedly, and it's normal for three months right after its release.

If you look at the charts of other singers, you can realize how amazing New Jeans' records are. The main character who wrote the highest daily chart record in Melon is BTS's'Dynamite' (2020). A total of 75 times. At this moment, New Jeans is a singer who ranked first on the chart for a long time after BTS, and judging from the current trend, it seems that it will easily surpass even the record of 'Dynamite'.

If you look at Melon's daily chart last year, BIGBANG's 'Spring Summer Fall Winter', which made a comeback after 5 years and showed its potential, was 35 times, and Psy's 'That That', which fueled the challenge craze, was 33 times. Ive's 'LOVE DIVE', which is called a rookie, and 'Nxde' of the popular girl group (G)I-DLE, ranked first 21 times each. In 2021, IU's 'Celebrate' was 42 times, and Brave Girls' 'Rollin'', the protagonist of the reverse running craze, was 45 times.

Compared to the legendary songs, New Jeans' numbers are even more surprising. Idol groups Big Bang and Girls' Generation, who dominated an era, took first place on the weekly chart for 8 weeks with 'Last Farewell' (2007) and 'GEE' (2009), respectively. Wonder Girls' 'Tell me' (2007) took first place for 7 weeks. These songs are legendary masterpieces that are talked about even today. The New Jeans record is 10 weeks. 1 for 10 consecutive weeks is the first since Melon launched its music service in November 2004. Like the daily chart, the 11th week peak is expected to be reached without difficulty.

Judging from the current trend, the situation is predicted to reach 100 times on the Melon Daily Chart. It is an amazing result even now, but if that happens, it will be an unprecedented record and a record that will be difficult to break for the time being. It is all the more so considering that he is a rookie singer who debuted in July of last year and has only released two albums. In addition, 'Hype boy', one of the title songs of the debut album, has been in the top 5 of the daily and weekly charts for a long time since it was released in August of last year. It also entered the US Billboard's main single chart 'Hot 100' for 6 consecutive weeks.

Regarding the popularity of New Jeans, there are various analyzes such as the sophisticated melodic composition of the pop genre, the planning ability of Min Hee-jin, the representative, and the concept that fits well with the y2k trend, but the important thing is that their grades themselves prove their specialness without further explanation. do.

As some say, the whole world is New Jeans. On social media, the 'High Mouth Boy' meme has been trending for several months, and everyone from the general public to popular celebrities shouts "New Jeans' 'High Mouth Boy'." It has become customary for actors to dance 'High Mouth Boy' at fan meetings. The advertising world does not stop at using them as simple models, but is presenting various collaboration designs by using the rabbit character in their iconic album jacket as an MD.

'Hive Girls' New Jeans are carving their names all over the world, just like a line in the lyrics of 'Hive Boy', "Look, my name is written here." How far will New Jeans' record go?

ParkJun Ha