The agency, Ador, announced on the 9th that the girl group NewJeans has surpassed 1 billion combined cumulative streaming on Spotify, the world's largest music platform.

Since their debut in August of last year, the total number of streams of the six songs released so far recorded 1,077,888,873 as of the 7th.

Ador explained, "This is a record that allows us to guess the trend of their global popularity with the achievements made only 7 months after their debut."

NewJeans' debut song 'Hype boy' was played 100 million times in 97 days and 200 million times in 186 days, respectively. However, the new song "Ditto" reached 100 million views in 32 days and 200 million views in 68 days, shortening the period.

Also, 'Hurt', one of the debut songs, is also expected to set a record of reaching 100 million streams with all released songs.

ParkJun Ha