Group NewJeans added a music broadcast trophy with ‘Hype boy’, one of the triple title songs in their debut album. It is a surprise 1st place that took over the baton of ‘OMG’ and ‘Ditto’ about 8 months after the sound source was released.

The New Jeans (Minji, Hani, Daniel, Haerin, Hyein) reached the top with ‘Hype Boy’ on the SBS music program ‘Inkigayo’, which aired on the 2nd. The song earned the highest score in the online music category.
‘Inkigayo’ is ranked by summing up figures that reflect 55% of online music scores, 30% of SNS, 10% of on-air scores, 10% of albums, 5% of real-time app voting, and 5% of viewer pre-voting.

This is the first time that New Jeans has topped a music show with ‘Hype Boy’. Previously, during their debut album activities, another title song, ‘Attention’, won 5 gold medals on music shows, but it is rare to place several songs in turn, regardless of whether it is a new release or a previous work. This shows that New Jeans' syndrome-like popularity continues steadily.

In fact, New Jeans poured out various new records in Melon, which boasts the largest share of the domestic music market. In the first quarter of this year (January to March), New Jeans filled the first to third places on the Melon monthly chart with their songs ('Dito', 'OMG', 'Hype Boy'), and took the daily chart throne for 99 consecutive days. He showed his ability to protect.

During this period, New Jeans won 8 trophies and 6 trophies on music shows with the pre-released song "Dito" and the title song "OMG" from the recent single album, respectively, and won a total of 14 trophies. By adding ‘Hype Boy’ to this, they enjoyed the joy of placing 4 out of the 6 songs they have released so far on music shows.

ParkJun Ha