ATEEZ completed a perfect festival by decorating both the beginning and the end of ‘KCON 2023 Thailand’.

ATEEZ appeared at 'KCON 2023 THAILAND' held at 'IMPACT Arena' in Bangkok, Thailand on the 19th and performed both the opening and finale stages.

ATEEZ, who appeared with the intro that day, instantly heated up the atmosphere by imprinting their performance craftsmanship on the stage of their representative song “Say My Name.”

ATEEZ, who took the stage again in the last order, performed the title song 'Halajia' of the album 'Spin Off: From the Witness', which was released in December of last year and charted three times on the 'Billboard 200'. HALAZIA)', captivating not only the on-site audience but also global fans watching online.

In particular, they communicated directly in Thai for local fans and drew a great response, while presenting a medley of 'Good Lil Boy' and 'Guerrilla' in succession from 'Cool (Hung Version)' to the limit. I was surprised by the energy that was not there.

ATEEZ held two world tours last year, 'THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END' and 'THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL'. After meeting 430,000 fans around the world for 1 year and 2 months, they came back. Accordingly, through this 'KCON 2023 Thailand', the upgraded performance skills were revealed without hesitation.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ will hold an encore concert for their world tour 'The Fellowship: Break the Wall' on April 28 and 29 at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul.

ParkJun Ha