Good&Joy x Delivery

  1. We use many shipping companies in addition to express shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS.
  2. Customers can choose their preferred shipping companies.
  3. After purchasing, if the customer selects the desired shipping company from among various shipping companies, Shipping cost is calculated automatically.
  4. We agree on optimal terms with many shipping companies, and the minimum shipping cost is calculated and charged to the customer.
  5. Because shipping costs increase in increments of 500g, customers can receive their items faster and cheaper if they weigh their items well and purchase efficiently.
  6. We will enter the weight value for the product, so take a look and add the weight value, then purchase the items you need in the shopping cart at once.
  7. Please check the location of the product by tracking the tracking number provided when purchasing the product.
  8. Use the right carrier to receive your items safely and quickly.


DHL Express

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Carriers other than DHL

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