On the 29th, the ‘100th Day Debut Special Quiz Show’ video was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of New Jeans.

In the released video, the members of New Jeans said, "It's been 100 days since our debut," and Daniel said, "Time flies really fast. I am so happy to be with the fans,” he said.

Minji said, "It's a big number, but it's just the beginning," and Hyerin said, "As you'll know as soon as you watch our video, they all turned into rabbits." The members then solved a quiz related to friendship and friends, and as a final question, an association quiz related to fans was presented.

When words such as together, phoning, best friend, and fan club were presented, Minji said, “I decided on a nickname. I will reveal my nickname now,” he said, and each member wrote the correct answer. The correct answer written by the New Jeans members was the fan club name, Bunnies, along with the fan club logo.

Hyein said, “We finally have a nickname we can call our fans. It's Bernie's,” she said, revealing her affection for her fans by saying, “Please use this name to call each other a lot in the future.” After the video was released, the design of the light stick was posted on the official SNS of New Jeans.

ParkJun Ha